Christopher Coburn

Board Member
Mvskoke Loan Fund
(918) 549-2608

Christopher Coburn (Muscogee Creek and Cherokee) became the CEO of Mvskoke Loan Fund in 2017, and has received great support from the Muscogee Nation, the Mvskoke Loan Fund Board, and others in the CDFI industry. With a focus on micro-enterprise lending, he established a strong training culture offering 27 courses to 700 individuals in 2018 alone. In December 2018, he spearheaded the launch of a consumer lending division and is working on the development of a Section 184 mortgage lending product.

Mr. Coburn has a diverse background with many varied life and career experiences, which have contributed to the formation of his “working head coach” and “compassionately competitive” leadership style. He has 25 years of management experience in various industries, including consumer and commercial banking, higher education, public utilities, and marketing. In addition, Mr. Coburn has owned and operated two small businesses himself. He views the CDFI industry as the best challenge of his career yet, helping others overcome financial obstacles and achieve their goals.