The Native CDFI Network’s mission is to be a national voice and advocate that strengthens and promotes Native community development financial institutions (CDFIs), creating access to capital and resources for Native peoples.


The Native CDFI Network was formed in 2009 to unify Native CDFIs serving Native trust land communities, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

The Native CDFI Network seeks to create opportunities to share our stories, identify our collective priorities, and strengthen our industry. In addition, the Native CDFI Network works to ensure that Native peoples are represented in the national policy dialogue and innovative solutions created by CDFIs are spread throughout our Native communities.

As a strong national network, the Native CDFI Network empowers its members to engage our best ideas, connect to one another, and collectively advance policy priorities that foster systemic and sustainable Native community and economic development.


The Native CDFI Network maintains four foundational goals:

  • Build a Strong Membership Network and Infrastructure
  • Commit to Gathering Members Annually
  • Create CDFI-to-CDFI Peer Mentoring and Sharing Opportunities
  • Identify Our Native CDFI Policy Priorities
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