Founded in 2009, The Native CDFI Network (NCN), is the only national member coalition of Native CDFIs in the country. Our mission is to grow and strengthen Native CDFIs through policy advocacy, capacity building and access to capital that supports the economic prosperity of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. NCN is governed by a nine-member national board of directors elected by NCN members. Priorities are identified in the categories of Federal and Capacity Priorities and are subject to revision year-round.

Our Board of Directors approved the following policy priorities as a direct result of member input at the NCN Policy Summit.


Recent Advocacy Actions

Formal Comment Letter on New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) Program Allocation Application for Calendar Year 2024-2026 Funding Rounds
(April 3, 2024)

NCN Joint Letter Supporting the Native American Entrepreneurial Opportunity Act (S. 1156)
(February 12, 2024)

NCN Joint Letter Protecting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund from Congressional Attack
(February 7. 2024)

NCN Letter to Congress Supporting the Scaling Community Lenders Act of 2023 (S. 1442) and the Community Development Investment Tax Credit Act of 2023 (S. 2963)
(February 6, 2024)

NCN Signs on to Joint Letter Supporting SBA Office of Native American Affairs (H.R. 7102)
(February 5, 2024)

NCN Letter to Treasury Requesting an Increase in Appropriations for CDFI Fund Programs
(August 2, 2023)

NCN Letter to Treasury Requesting a Formal Listening Session Regarding CDFI Fund’s Process to Reform the CDFI Certification Application and Related Regulations
(May 26, 2023)

NCN Comment Letter on Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Updated Guidance
(May 12, 2023)

NCN Comment Letter on the NACA Program Financial Assistance (FA) & Technical Assistance (TA) Applications 
(May 12, 2023)

NCN Letter to Congress to Increase Funding for the CDFI Fund Native American CDFI Assistance (NACA) Program to $50 Million for FY 2024
(May 2, 2023)

Joint Position Letter on HUD Section 4 Program Funding
(March 6, 2023)

NCN Survey Results on Impacts of Proposed CDFI Certification Changes
(February 9, 2023)

NCN Comment Letter to CDFI Fund on Annual Certification and Data Collection Report Form and the abbreviated Transaction Level Report
(January 27, 2023)

NCN Comment Letter on the Community Reinvestment Act Regulations
(August 5, 2022)

NCN Letter to CDFI Fund on Equitable Recovery Program Eligibility Guidelines
(August 8, 2022)

NCN Comment Letter on Minority Lending Institution Designation Criteria
(November 25, 2022)

NCN and Co-Signatories Comment Letter on CDFI Certification Application
(December 5, 2022) 

NCN and Co-Signatories Comment Letter on Target Market Assessment Methodologies
(December 19, 2022) 

NCN Comment Letter to Interagency Community Investment Committee
(December 21, 2022)