In 2021, the Native CDFI Network, Center for Farm Financial Management and Mvskoke Fund, with support from the Native American Agriculture Fund, hosted a series of webinars titled: “Native Farmer, Rancher, and Fisher Sovereignty Series: Sharpening your Tools to Access Data Driven Analysis.”

The series of webinars was led by the Center for Farm Financial Management (CFFM) and focused on topics and tools that help Native farmers, ranchers, and fishers. CFFM has been improving the financial management abilities of farmers and ranchers since 1984 and has experience in working with Native farmers, ranchers, and fishers. CFFM is now bringing their portfolio of tools to Native agriculture.

The Native CDFI Network in collaboration with CFFM team of experts, with support from Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF), led a series of webinars focused on tools Native farmers, ranchers, and fishers need to adjust to the impacts of COVID-19 on their operations. The tools included farm financial planning, financial analysis, business planning, loan application preparation, credit analysis, and more.

The webinar series panel of experts featured more than 100 years of experience serving Indian Country.

Kevin Klair

Pauline Van Nurden

Webinar Recordings

Over the course of six webinars, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Farm Financial Management (CFFM), shared information covering a range of agricultural business and financial management tools. These tools were designed for both agriculture producers and lenders to take their operations to the next level.

You can view the six-part webinar series here. We recommend viewing sequentially, unless you are already familiar with some of the resources.

  1. Introduction to Ag Resources
  2. Business Planning

    1. AgPlan
    2. FishBizPlan
  3. Sources of Farm Financial Information
    1. Farm Answers
    2. FINBIN
  4. FINPACK Financial Analysis & Planning, Credit Analysis
    1. Ag
    2. Commercial
  5. Financial Information and Transition Planning
    1. IFSam 
    2. AgTransitions
  6. Land Rental Arrangements
    1.  FairRent

Support for this partnership is provided by the Native American Agriculture Fund.
Thank you to the Native CDFI Network and Mvskoke Fund for their leadership.