On September 20th, Pete Upton had an insightful conversation with Elyse Wild, Senior Editor for Tribal Business News. During his presentation, Upton extended his heartfelt gratitude to Brian Edwards and Levi Rickert for their instrumental role in including Native CDFIs in the summit’s agenda. Under the theme “Native CDFIs | Funding Native Housing, Tribal Economies,” Upton passionately conveyed the pivotal role that Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are playing in supporting Native homeownership, empowering Indigenous small businesses, and fueling community development initiatives within Indian Country. Upton urged Tribal leaders in the audience to rally behind and support the only NCN’s Native-led Clean Communities Investment Accelerator program.

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Pictured: Levi Rickert,  Editor and Publisher of Tribal Business News, and Founder, Publisher and Editor of Native News Online with Pete Upton, CEO and Chairman of Native CDFI Network