NCN Institute Training: Financial Systems and Dashboards

CDFI financial systems that lead to understandable metrics are not only complicated, they are constantly changing. Boards and management need top level information in a visual format with objectives placed side by side with CDFI performance. This is where dashboards come in.  Dashboards provide quick, ongoing snapshots for decision makers so they can adapt to changes in the nonprofit environment. They allow the board and management to decide on key objectives of the organization, (e.g., deployment, delinquency, borrowing capacity) then provide a quick reference as to how the CDFI is tracking against the mission.

Key Objectives

  1. Introduce the various types of financial systems CDFIs use.
  2. Why and how dashboards help achieve organizational objectives.
  3. Develop a useful, customized dashboard for your CDFI with Excel and visual templates.

Meet the Trainer

Jack Northrup
New England Market Research

Jack Northrup of New England Market Research, Inc. has worked with companies performing qualitative and quantitative research on issues related to market access. Since, 1997 he has worked with over 250 companies conducting primary and secondary research. The main focus is quantitative analysis around issues of marketing, branding and consumer perception and financial management. Additionally, he conducts customer surveys and focus groups for clients on issues of demographics, pricing and attitudes/behaviors.

Jack developed and taught online small business training for the US Dept. of Treasury CDFI Fund and has taught business development at the University of Vermont and Southern New Hampshire University, in class and online.  He has developed and taught dozens of webinars and client trainings. He has a BS and MSc from New Hampshire College and an MBA from Dartmouth College.


August 16, 2023
2:00 pm EDT - 4:00 pm EDT
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