The Native CDFI Network (NCN) strongly encourages all Native CDFIs and other key Indian Country stakeholder organizations to submit comments on the CDFI Fund’s proposed pre-approved list of Target Market assessment methodologies (TMAMs) (which are a key feature of the Fund’s proposed new CDFI Certification regulations) by the comment deadline next Monday, December 19, 2022. To support your organization in doing so, NCN is providing you with two options:

1. SIGN ON TO NCN’S COMMENTS: Please view NCN’s comments here. To add your organization as a co-signatory on NCN’s comments, please have your organization’s chief executive click on this link to add their name and position title and your organization’s name. Note: Please sign on by Monday, December 19 at noon Eastern time.

2. SUBMIT YOUR OWN COMMENTS USING NCN’S CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATE: Download this customizable template featuring NCN’s general comments and make it your own by inserting your content where prompted in yellow highlighted text. Note: To submit your comments by the December 19 deadline, please click here.

Background on the CDFI Certification TMAMs: The CDFI Fund is requesting comment regarding the pre-approved Target Market assessment methodologies that entities applying for Certification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) may use to assess whether the recipients of an entity’s Financial Products or Financial Services are members of a pre-approved Target Market. To learn more, click here.