The Native CDFI Network, in collaboration with the Native Partnership for Housing and NeighborWorks America, recently hosted a transformative three-day event in Gallup, New Mexico, on August 9 – 11, 2023. This summit, attended by stakeholders, leaders, and experts from across the nation, focused on the economic empowerment of Native communities through financial inclusion, housing initiatives, and community development. In the upcoming days, a comprehensive review of the entire three-day event will be released, capturing the insights, discussions, and outcomes that emerged from the summit.


One of the standout moments was the tour of Karigan Estates, a housing project on the Navajo Reservation and many of the homes built by Native Partnership for Housing. The tour provided attendees with a firsthand experience of the positive impact that thoughtful housing solutions can have on a community’s well-being. Karigan Estates exemplified the ideals of sustainability, cultural preservation, and inclusivity that were at the heart of the summit’s discussions.

The Native CDFI Network’s Regional Summit in Gallup, New Mexico, was a testament to the potential for economic empowerment, community development, and housing solutions within Native communities. The event was marked by dynamic discussions, innovative ideas, and a shared commitment to creating a brighter future for generations to come.