NCN CEO Pete Upton has been appointed to the Justice Climate Fund Board, led by the Community Builders of Color Coalition.

The Coalition, united in its focus on ensuring that low-income and disadvantaged communities equitably benefit from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), is committed to making positive strides in providing capital and leveraging resources that create sustainable and economic benefits for low-income and disadvantaged communities of color across the nation.

The Justice Climate Fund, led by The Coalition, is a strategic initiative designed to maximize the dual goals of rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and transforming communities through increased benefits (environmental, energy, climate, health and economic). By leveraging the strengths and assets of its members, the Fund aims to achieve real and lasting impacts on the environment and social equity.

“I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Justice Climate Fund and Lenwood Long for their continued support of the Native American communities and native community roots within a trailblazing initiative. The JCF dedication ensures that EPA’s GGRF not only expeditiously tackles the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions but also fosters enduring health and economic improvements for underserved Native American communities across the nation,” said Pete Upton, CEO and Chairperson for Native CDFI Network.

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