Alicia Burns | Westwater Financial, Inc.

“I left the summit very encouraged and invigorated to reach out to fellow Native CDFIs for networking as well as information about increasing our capacity. It was truly inspiring to be in the room with the policy leaders. As a woman, it filled my soul to be addressed by Chief Many Hearts and the other very prominent and powerful women who graciously lead and create change. The Native CDFI network Summit was very informative and I now truly feel a part of the greater good!”

Rob Aitken | Leech Lake Financial Services

“The NCN Annual Policy & Capacity Building Summit has grown into a necessity for any Native CDFI.  This summit provides information, tools, and networking vital for the sustainability and growth for Native CDFIs of all sizes.  The 2023 Summit was the best one yet.  Every speaker, every topic, directly provided knowledge and experience to cultivate growth for any Native CDFI.  This annual NCN summit is now a must-attend requirement for any Native CDFI practitioners seeking to serve their target markets effectively.”

Russ Seagle | The Sequoyah Fund, Inc.

“In all my years of attending Native CDFI Network events, I’ve never experienced such a lineup of powerful speakers, amazing and relevant topics, and powerful networking. We learned how to be better practitioners, and our collective voice was heard loud and clear by those government officials best positioned to effect change and strengthen our efforts to serve our communities.”

Christy Finsel , Ph.D. | ONAC

“The Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. (ONAC) wishes to congratulate the Native CDFI Network on their recent successful Summit. ONAC appreciated the opportunity to present during the final afternoon of the Summit about the ways in which we have been supporting and partnering with Native CDFIs over the years. It takes all of us working together to help Native communities build and protect their assets. ONAC appreciates the work of the Native CDFI Network in this field.”

Joel Smith | Native American Bank

“The Native CDFI Network always does a great job of highlighting topics most important and relevant to Native CDFIs, and the Policy and Capacity Building Summit was no exception.  The Summit’s speakers were a great mix of industry advocates, experts, and government officials.  This is the best event I have been to for meaningful consultation with government officials in a targeted setting to address priorities of Native CDFIs.”

Jonelle Yearout | Nimiipuu Community Development Fund

“The Native CDFI Network Summit allowed our industry leaders to hear from many federal program officials and leaders at the highest level. The opportunity to provide voice and context to the work we are doing to support community development and finance to tribal communities is crucial to Native Nation building and self-determination. Our representation is needed and as the NW Region policy representative, it was my honor to deliver our top priorities to elevate with our collective efforts for 2023. With that said, policy can shift with currents of political power. Our Native CDFI industry is doing impactful work and we need to ensure that we can rise to the occasion and adjust in these shifts. I have so much more to learn, however am excited for this opportunity. Qeci’yewyew (thank you).”

Sean Winters | Chi Ishobak, Inc.

“The 2022 NCN Annual Policy and Capacity Building Summit was an enormous success. NCN continues to gain substantial traction within numerous governmental, financial, and philanthropic organizations with the direction aimed to assist the Native CDFI industry. It is very exciting to see what has transpired over the past year but more importantly, what lies ahead in FY2023. NCN’s leadership has created a brand and has positioned the organization for visibility allowing the Native CDFI industry’s voice to be heard.”

Rolina Faagai | Hawaiian Lending & Investments

“It’s such a great opportunity to attend the NCN Summit every year. We spend much of the year living in, planning around and serving our respective native communities. The summit allows us to gather together and see the larger footprint of NCN as a national intermediary that we call our own. Built by, advocated by, and continue to serve our communities…by natives. I love that we each make the journey from all reaches of this country, some traveling over 5,000 miles to get here, recharge together and put in the work to ensure our interests are at the forefront of national conversations. Oftentimes, we get boxed into categories of race-based programs, but that is a falsehood that needs to be shattered. We are beyond race. We have the unique ability to straddle the line of people and nations.”