Native CDFI hosted a webinar with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) on January 27th. NCRC guest speakers included Juan Leyton, Director of Organizing, Greg Wilson, Senior Organizer, and Catherine Petrusz, CRA Coordinator. NCRC and its member organizations work to create opportunities for people to build wealth. They are advocates of fairness and aim to end discrimination in lending. They expressed their desire to create bonds with the Native CDFI members.

The NCRC topics included a brief history of the CRA and NCRC, a tutorial on how to acquire your local banks Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) exam, and update on the NCRC’s Community Benefit Agreement Efforts. NCRC stressed the importance of creating good relationships with your local bank officials. Pete Upton and other Native CDFI members shared their experiences of creating connections to their local bank officials and how it has benefited their organization and possibly those organizations important to yours. The Native CDFI Network has been actively involved in providing support for Tribes and Native CDFIs that support the implementation of economic recovery efforts of our Tribal nations and our Native-owned small businesses.

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NCRC Webinar for Native CDFI Network – Read-Only

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